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We find that too many people struggle to get a grasp on how to improve themselves when it comes to pain and function.  They either do too much too soon or they handicap themselves by not doing anything at all.  Whether you are a high school athlete, a cross fit soccer mom, or somebody that dreams of just getting healthy, we believe that there is an athlete in all of us.  So why not treat our body as such?

At Elite Chiropractic and Performance, we are the Chesterfield Chiropractor that believes that our patients are capable of tackling their pain and injury in a way that is permanent.  We teach you how to self manage your issues so that you do NOT need to rely on us!

"If we do too much, we risk injury. If we do too little, we risk adaptability." - Gray Cook

Chris is what you need in a chiropractor. He first evaluates your pain & symptoms. Next he works with you try and find the root cause of the issue. Then he has you try out various exercises, demonstrating them himself, to see if they help alleviate the pain and/or symptoms you are experiencing. The high majority of these can be performed at home, in my experience. Once, together, the solution is found he does not tell you to come back each week indefinitely. Chris wants the best for his clients and tells them he does not want them to come back indefinitely like most chiropractors do. I cannot express with words how thankful I am for being recommended to see Chris! He’s helped me fix knee pain that other doctors could not solve, wrist pain from working at a desk, and upper back pain. You will not be disappointed if you work with Chris on whatever you are experiencing!


Chronic Pain Relief In Chesterfield

Many people deal with chronic pain in Chesterfield and St. Louis.  The age old solution of opioids and steroid based treatments have been the norm for way too long.  Patients are made to feel helpless about their pain and are reliant on a multitude of factors.  Even worse, their pain prevents them from doing the things that they love!  This is despite ongoing "treatment".  Do any of the examples below resonate with you?

How Can I Exercise Without Pain?

I really shouldn't run with arthritis.

Lady that can't run due to knee pain.

Can't run due to knee pain?  Were you told to stop by your doctor?  Do you settle for other forms of cardio that just don't have the same impact?

My back is worse than my game.

A golfer with lower back pain

Does your lower back kill you after a round of golf or prevent you from playing the game you love in the first place?

I shouldn't use weights as I age.

A person that has elbow pain when lifting a weight

Does hitting the weights cause your elbow or shoulder to hurt?  Do you avoid weight training altogether for how it will affect your daily tasks?

Why can't I move like they do?

A man with pain during an exercise class.

Do you dread your group yoga sessions or Body Pump classes because you just can't seem to keep up with your peers?  Is your flexibility limited?

Forget Exercising.  How Can I Do Everyday Tasks Without Pain?

Vacuuming hurts my whole body.
A woman with neck pain while cleaning her house.

Is cleaning literally a pain in the neck?  Are you expecting to hurt for a while after vacuuming your home or doing several loads of laundry?

My work suffers due to pain.
A person with wrist pain from computer use.

Does working at your computer come with the usual issues of neck pain and tightness?  Do you struggle with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

I feel worse when I wake up.
A woman with pain after sleeping.

Do you wake up with headaches or clench your jaw?  Do you have issues getting a full night's sleep without getting woken up due to pain?

Eventually he will walk...

Dad avoiding to pick up child due to pain.

Are you afraid your back pain will trigger if you pick up your children?  Are you concerned about how you will age as they get older?

Elite Chiropractic Treatment In Chesterfield

Ok.  So maybe some of the above depictions are a little silly.  But some of it resonates right?  We are a society riddled with bumps and bruises that massively affect our way of life.  And how do we address it?  We opt for short term pain relief rather than long term resiliency.

Are you settling for the same "pop and go" chiropractic treatment in Chesterfield? How about the same easy and boring exercises for your pain?  As your Chesterfield Chiropractor, we develop personalized plans for our patients that prepare them to tackle life's obstacles without hesitancy.  No superficial solutions.  Only long term resolutions!

"It's not the load that breaks you down it's the load you aren't prepared for."

~ Tim Gabbett

We Produce Educational Content!

We enjoy creating content that helps our patients get the best experience possible.  Every exercise that we prescribe in the office has a counterpart video on Youtube.  Many of the common topics that are discussed in the office are also addressed in our blog.  Our content library is constantly growing!  We are always open for feedback and helpful suggestions so that we can be of more VALUE to you!

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Dr. Chris Collier

Dr. Chris Collier is born and raised in Ballwin, MO where he attended Marquette High School.  He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri - Columbia (Mizzou) and then returned to St. Louis to pursue his chiropractic education.  He is a graduate of Logan University and ultimately opened up the practice he always envisioned just minutes from where he grew up.

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